We all love to do dance like this girl is dancing right now in this video. But we dance for different purposes. Sometime we do dance just for the sake of enjoyment or to cheer ourselves up. But some time we adopt dancing as a profession. We start dancing in ...

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The lady was having a chat with her father in law

father in law

It is a dream of every girl that whenever she got married her father in law and mother in law will be good to her. The reason is that every girl left her family, her relatives and her dear parents just for the sake of getting marriage. But when the ...

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Girls and boys are working in the office


Many peoples are against this thing that girls should work in the office. But this is a very wrong thing. If you are educating your daughters then it is their right that you must give them a chance of doing the job. It is their decision whether they want to ...

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Belly dancing performed by the Arabic girl

belly dancing

We all are fan of music and dancing but the belly dancing now a days is very much liked by us. This is a fact that we love the things that bring changes in our routine task. We want change in clothing style. We want different type of shoes. We ...

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