The sea get filled with the blood


You have seen the sea filled with water but have you ever seen a sea filled with the blood. We have seen it in this video. We still are thinking about it how this was happened. It was due to the miracle of Allah or a signal that is sent ...

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The beautiful house of Hazrat Halima Sadia

Hazrat Halima Sadia

Hopefully you are living at ahouse that is so beautiful and attractive but it can’t be more beautiful than the house of Hazrat Halima Sadia. She was the lady who is known to all the Muslims. Muslims knows this great lady very well. The reason is that our last prophet ...

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Fun and happiness while being at home


People are too much tired when they are free from work and at home. There is a reason for it. They are free and they don’t have any work to do. But this doesn’t mean that we have to set idle. Whenever there is a free a time we have ...

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Girls are happy while being in their university


Girls and boys wait for the time when they will grow and do the things that the young people do. They are happy that one day due to their hard work and dedication they will move to get the higher education. They are interested in going to the colleges and ...

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Peer is helping the girl in saving her life


Peer is mostly not good at all. They don’t even have the enough knowledge of the things. They are just doing this work in order to get money from the innocent people. They are not helping the people instead they are destroying the lives of others.  But the people are ...

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The Pathan girls are following the new trends of fashion


Some girls live according to the old traditions, customs and values. This is not because they are not willing to adopt the change. The reason is that they are willing to adopt new changes but their society is not allowing them. But now due to education and lot of knowledge people are ...

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Woman was busy in her cleaning task in a hospital


There are many employees in the hospital but some are males as well as females are also there. They are there to help the human beings and to earn their living. There are many people in the places like this who are involved in the task of cleaning the things ...

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