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The girl is dancing while wearing a great dress


People express their excitement and happiness indifferent ways some with dancing and some with singing. Each and every person adopts different ways of showing how happy they are at that particular moment. Mostly we are too happy that we don’t think or feel that others are also with us. We ...

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Picnic time of girls in the park


Most times we are busy in our routine tasks whether we are girls or boys. We don’t have enough time for our families as well. But this doesn’t mean that we don’t need rest or entertainment. We need some entertainment and spare time for us at any cost. We will ...

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Teacher is busy listening to his student


Students are nothing without a teacher. He or she is the one that guide us toward the right path or the right way. If we are doing something wrong and we are not finding out the ways to came out of these wrong doing or ways then a guide or ...

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It’s good to plan a pool party in the summer season

pool party

People are so much interested in going to the parties specially the pool party. The reason is that we can’t arrange the parties on the pool side when there is winter season. Only in the summers we can arrange the parties like this. In the summer season people are so ...

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Fun and happiness while being at home


People are too much tired when they are free from work and at home. There is a reason for it. They are free and they don’t have any work to do. But this doesn’t mean that we have to set idle. Whenever there is a free a time we have ...

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