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Fight between the crazy school girls

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This is not good what we are doing to ourselves and we are involving the others in it as well. This is the world not for fight it is the place of peace. It is the place of friendship. It is the place full of enjoyment but we people fight with each other on different issues. It is better for us if we will ignore these issues. But we adopt such attitude that surely leads the foundation of the fight. The same scene is showing in this video this may be the scene of a school where boys and girls are present. A crowd of boys and girls is seen in this video. Boys and girls are watching the crazy school girls. They are watching them fighting but they are not there to settle down the fight.

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وڈیو دیکھ نے کےلئے فیس بک بٹن کو کلک کرے

They are there to make fun of them and make videos of their fight. These crazy school girls have to be sensible and careful but they have not shown an attitude like this. They are so much crazy in talking loud and actually this doesn’t suit them. These crazy school girls have to be more educated. Otherwise they will not be able to learn that life is much more then fighting on small things

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