Women was attacked by the man in the jalsa


We are becoming senseless many times. We don’t know the rights and wrong because we think that whatever we are doing is right for us. But this can’t be correct most of the times. Most of the time we are just in the favor of ourselves we want to take ...

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Watch the video of this Indian boy and his aunt


Many times we are very friendly with the ladies as compared to the boys or mans. The reason is also that ladies are always helpful, cooperative and supportive. They understand you better and they are not jealous from you that are why they will give you a good and fair ...

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Some shooting clips of Motar Mittra di film


I was very concerned about the shooting of the movies. The reason is that I have watched many movies but I have never seen the making of any movie. There was a sad news for me that no shooting is going on in my city if there be the one ...

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Room enjoyment done by the girls


I felt many alone most of the time feeling boring as well. That is why I want a hobby in my spare time. My heart says me to have fun with my friends. That is why most of the time I call up my friends instead of busy myself in ...

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Respect given to Azan from Salman khan


It is the matter of giving respect to the religion than we all are equal. Even we are a model or actor or a great political leader we have to give respect to our religion. Not only us but each and every person has to show respect toward their religion. ...

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