Baby that was saved by the dog


Must time we become so selfish and in this regard we don’t think what we are doing. We are just busy in us. The reason can be two. The first reason is that we done the things according to our wish. The second reason is that we don’t want to ...

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Sudden death of Molvi occur in a gathering


This is true that we always need a teacher in our life and the importance of teacher is very much on our life. There are different types of teachers or mentors. Some are the teachers of different subjects that are related to the world and some are the teachers of ...

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Recent accident of the train watches this video


We are becoming careless day by day. We are so careless that we can’t perform a single task with perfection or just complete the task up to the satisfaction level. We just want to finish the tasks in hurry. We don’t care what will even happen to us. An accident ...

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