Look at the crazy people praying for Dajjal


We have to be alert the reason is that the danger is coming near to us. We are not giving importance to this and busy in life we will realize this when this situation will become worse. When the danger will be in format of us then how can we ...

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The video of famous Maqam Ibrahim


This video has made me speechless. I have never visited the Makkah and Madinah. This video proved to be very excited to me. This video is a gift that is very precious and there is no comparison of this gift. This is my thought that you will also be inspired ...

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Baby that was saved by the dog


Must time we become so selfish and in this regard we don’t think what we are doing. We are just busy in us. The reason can be two. The first reason is that we done the things according to our wish. The second reason is that we don’t want to ...

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