Sudden death of Molvi occur in a gathering


This is true that we always need a teacher in our life and the importance of teacher is very much on our life. There are different types of teachers or mentors. Some are the teachers of different subjects that are related to the world and some are the teachers of ...

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Recent accident of the train watches this video


We are becoming careless day by day. We are so careless that we can’t perform a single task with perfection or just complete the task up to the satisfaction level. We just want to finish the tasks in hurry. We don’t care what will even happen to us. An accident ...

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Must watch the video of Ashaab-e-Kahf cave


This century is full of necessities but still we are not involving our self in a healthy and knowledgeable activity. We are just killing our time in those activities that will neither be helpful in this world not in the world after. We have to ask from ourselves that where ...

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Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) miracle of moon splitting


Have you seen the moon at the night time? There is no body in the whole world that has never seen the moon in the night time. We love the moon it looks so romantic. The night becomes more beautiful due to the moon and its moon light. But recently ...

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