Excellent video of Kabaa cloth changing


As we all know that some moments are really very special in our lives. We are very happy in watching these moments again and again in front of us. I am a Muslim and being as a Muslim I have some desires and wishes. I was waiting for my wishes ...

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Illiterate Arab man buried his 10 years daughter


This is the era of education as the rank of education is increasing. People are giving more importance to education and educated people. The people who are more educated and sensible are mostly liked and appreciated by everyone. Education gives you the knowledge of everything. You will be educated then ...

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Small kid doing Tilawat in his beautiful voice


We know that this is the era of technology. People remain busy in taking advantage of the technology. Cellphones and other inventions are commonly used by everyone. People now days are not giving importance to any religious event or activity. People don’t know why live is given to them. Many ...

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Muslim woman dies while reciting the Quran


We are not sure about anything means we do not have the surety of any happening. The results can either be in the favor of us and many times they are also not in the favor of us. This is not on our good luck or the bad one. This ...

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